There are many safe alternatives to Styrofoam that  don't hurt the environment. paper is the best alternative. It can be used to store food, drinks, and replace packing peanuts. Another safe alternative is cardboard which is used as food containers. Check out these companies that offer recyclable, compostable and plant based alternatives-Green Paper Products (; Be Green Packaging  (https://begreenpackagingstore; Good Start Packaging (; Eco Products ( BioMass Packaging (   

Alternatives to Styrofoam

       Polystyrene recycling is not available to everyone-only single-family homeowners who get free trash pickup from the city.  That means apartments and businesses, those who produce the most trash have to pay private companies for trash pick up and recycling,and may not  have access to polystyrene recycling.  Even when the polystyrene makes it into the proper trash can, if not clean, it won’t be recycled.  It can’t be recycled if it has oil or grease on it.  Not all polystyrene is created equal; packing peanuts, which include a variety of materials and contaminates, are not recyclable. And then there is the 2017 California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery report, which shows recycling rates have dropped over the last three years from 50% in 2014, to 47% in 2015, and 44% in 2016.  Finally, according to a July 24,2017, article in the Voice of San Diego, San Diego City Officials opted for polystyrene recycling over a ban even after their paid consultants reported the program would cost the city $290,000 a year and not reduce litter.  It looks like Officials were swayed by incoming donations from the Dart Company, a foamed polystyrene manufacturer.  

The Problem With Recycling

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